Ken Safir reports from Utrecht

My wife and I have taken advantage of an exchange agreement between Rutgers University and the University of Utrecht where we will be teaching from February through the end of June. I will be team-teaching a two-quarter graduate course called “Evolution of the Language Faculty” with Eric Reuland. Instruction at this level is in English here in Utrecht. My wife, Susan Sidlauskas, who is also a professor at Rutgers, will be teaching in the U. of Utrecht art history department. We are living in Amsterdam because our daughter, Miranda, is attending an international school here. It turns out that one of her classmates and best friends is Dafna Landman, the daughter of Fred Landman and Susan Rothstein, semanticists who are on sabbatical from Tel Aviv. I will be speaking at a workshop entitled ‘Universals and the Typology of Reflexives’ on February 3 at the University of Utrecht. The title of my talk is ‘Perspectives on African Anaphora’. I will also be speaking at the University of Amsterdam on April 22, though I have not posted a title for that talk yet. A number of other talk dates and venues are in the works. I will also be teaching a one week LOT Summer School course during the third week of June in Leiden entitled ‘Language Typology’. While I am here I will continue directing the Afranaph project online and I hope to finish manuscripts on ‘Viable Syntax’ and ‘The (in)transitivity of reflexives’. If you are passing through, let me know. I can be reached by my usual email.


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