New Afranaph Website to Open

From Ken Safir

The new website and online database feature of the NSF-supported Anaphora in the African Languages (Afranaph) website opens to browsers on December 7, providing online access to rich data on anaphoric patterns in a number of African languages, including Amharic, Berber-Tarifyt, Cinsenga, Gungbe, Ibibio, Ikalanga, Kinande, Kirundi, Lokaa, Lubukusu, Urhobo and Yoruba. The new database feature permits online search and sorting for both text and linguistic properties and additional features include grammar sketches, summaries of the notable anaphora patterns in each language (anaphora sketches), and a number of other features currently in development, as well as links to a variety of useful resources for the study of African languages. The project is staffed by Ken Safir, Project Director, Oluseye Adesola, Associate Director, and Carlo Linares-Scarcerieau, Assistant Director, with the participation of over 20 native speaker linguist consultants in Africa, North America and Europe, as well as additional project work by other current graduate students at Rutgers including Michael O’Keefe, Sarah Murray, Eric Wirkerman, and Jimmy Bruno, and Rutgers undergraduates Stephen Chiew and Jenna Schaal-O’Connor.


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