Fri 9 Jan: Roger Schwarzschild and Kristen Syrett
Title:The representation and processing of measure phrases in four-year-olds
Type:Conference Talk
Where:The 83th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, San Francisco, California.
Sat 10 Jan: Shigeto Kawahara
The 4th meeting on prosody and informational structure
Type:Invited Conference Talk
Tue 13 Jan: Shigeto Kawahara
Title:Experimental approaches to generative phonology
Type:Conference Talk
Where:Kyoto University
Wed 14 Jan: Maria Bittner & OSU Syntax-Semantics Group
Title:Syntax-semantics interface in Kalaallisut
Discussion based on Bittner 2001 ‘Surface composition as bridging’ (which the group worked through in the fall)
Where:Ohio State
Thu 15 Jan: Maria Bittner & OSU Semantics-Pragmatics Group
Title:Semantics and pragmatics in Kalaallisut
More discussion based on Bittner 2001 ‘Surface composition as bridging’
Where:Ohio State
Fri 16 Jan: Maria Bittner
Title:Nominal and temporal anaphora in Chinese
Type:Colloquium Talk
Where:Ohio State
Wed 25 Feb: Veneeta Dayal
Title:Universals in Free Choice Items
Type:Keynote Conference Talk
Where:GLOW ASIA VII at the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India
Fri 27 Feb: Mark Baker
Title:”Agreement Parameters and Modes of Case Assignment”
Type:Keynote Conference Talk
Where:Workshop on parameters and typology at Arizona State University

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