Rutgers graduate students, faculty and alumni to present research

November is a busy month for many of the Rutgers graduate students, faculty and recent alumni who are presenting their research at universities around the country and beyond.

The NELS 39 will be held at Cornell this year. Roger Schwarzschild is an invited speaker and will present his research on the nature of mass nouns and so-called stubbornly distributive predicates. Bruce Tesar will give a talk describing his recent ideas and results on the formal learning of phonological grammars.

The 18th meeting of Japanese & Korean Linguistics will be held in CUNY this coming November. There will be talks by Rutgers graduate student Jeremy Perkins, faculty member Shigeto Kawahara and recent alumni Seunghun J Lee and Xiao Li.

Veneeta Dayal has been invited to give a colloquium talk at UPenn to present her research on  Free Choice and Indeterminacy.

Mark Baker will travel to British Columbia (University of British Columbia and University of Victoria) to present his research on agreement and case assignment.

Viviane Deprez will travel all the way to Norway (University of Tromso, CASTL), to present her research concerning number marking in French Based Creoles.

Finally, recent alumn Slavica Kochovska will be a member of the ‘Syntax-semantics interfaces in the Balkans’ panel, discussing Catherine Rudin’s presentation.


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