Kao and Mustafayev Granted Aresty Support

Aresty CenterTwo undergraduate students from our departments, Sophia Kao and Yevgen Mustafayev, were granted support from the Rutgers Aresty Research Center for their experiments.  Sophia (majoring in Linguistics and Chinese) is working with Shigeto Kawahara on an experimental study of a Japanese suffix ([-zu]), which puts an accent on root-initial syllables.

Yevgen, who is majoring in French Linguistics and Computer Science, is investigating the intonation of in-situ questions in French, supervised by Viviane Déprez.  He will be participating in the Aresty Research Symposium this spring, where he will present the results of this project in conjunction with fellow collaborators, Natalie Blanc (Philosophy and French Linguistics) and Kristen Lew (Mathematics and French Linguistics), both Aresty Research Assistants.

The Aresty Research Center helps ensure that undergraduate students at the University get a chance to participate in the research activities going on around them.