Other Talks: November 2009

Nov 10, 1pm: Dr. James Joyce (University of Michigan, Department of Philosophy)
Title: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Using Imprecise Probabilities to Represent Uncertainty
Type: RuCCS Colloquium
Where: Psychology Building 101

Nov 11, 4-6pm: K. David Harrison (Swarthmore)
Title: Linguistic Ecologies in the Balance
Type: Global Initiative Lecture Series, Ecologies in the Balance
Where: Trayes Hall (map)

Nov 12, 11:30am-1pm: Aaron Rubin (Penn State University)
Title: The Study of Hebrew Grammar from the Talmud to Today
Type: Lecture
Where: Bildner Center (12 College Avenue)

Nov 12, 12 pm: Dr. Elisabeth Camp (University of Pennsylvania, Department of Philosophy)
Title: Do Baboons have a Language of Thought
Type: RuCCS What is Cognitive Science Series
Where: Psychology Building 101