Publications By Our Linguists

Baker, Mark and Nadya Vinokurova. to appear. “On Agent nominalizations and how they differ from event nominalizations. Language 85: 517-556.

Baker, Mark and Nadya Vinokurova. to appear. “Two modalities of Case assignment: case in Sakha”, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.

Baker, Mark. to appear. “When agreement is for number and gender but not for person”, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.

Camacho, José, Liliana Sánchez, and José Elías Ulloa.  “Shipibo-Spanish: Differences in Residual transfer at the Syntax/Morphology and the Syntax/Pragmatics Interfaces”. To appear in Second Language REsearch, Vole 25 No. 4.

Kingston, John, Shigeto Kawahara, Della Chambless, Daniel Mash and Eve Brenner-Alsop. ‘Contextual effects on the perception of duration’. Journal of Phonetics 37(3): 297-320.

Kawahara, Shigeto and Matt Wolf. to appear. ‘On the existence of root-initial-accenting suffixes: An elicitation study of Japanese [-zu]’. Linguistics.

Borowsky, Toni, Shigeto Kawahara, Takahito Shinya and Mariko Sugahara. to appear. Prosody Matters: Essays in honor of Elisabeth Selkirk. London Equinox.

Prince, Alan.  RCD – The Movie.  ROA-1057