Presentations by Our Linguists

Nov 20: Shigeto Kawahara
Title: Coda devoicing and perceptual similarity
Type: Colloquium talk
Location: Stony Brook University

Dec 16: Daniel Altshuler
Title: Meaning of ‘now’ and other temporal location adverbs
17th Amsterdam Colloquium
Type: Conference talk
Location: University of Amsterdam

Dec 18: Roger Schwarzschild
Title: Event semantical analysis of “inherently plural noun”
17th Amsterdam Colloquium
Type: Invited conference talk
Location: University of Amsterdam

Dec 28: Jimmy Bruno
Title: Microvariation in Absolute Constructions in Spanish and Italian
MLA Convention 2009; Discussion Group on Comparative Romance Linguisitcs
Type: Conference talk
Location: Philadelphia

Jan 10: Sarah Murray
Title: Cheyenne evidentials as not-at-issue assertion
LSA 2010 Annual Meeting
Type: Conference talk
Location: Baltimore

Jan 14-15: Mark Baker
Title: Sources of Cross-linguistic Variation in Case Assignment
Linguistic Variation in the Minimalist Program Workshop
Type: Workshop talk
Location: Barcelona