Departmental Events

Feb 19, 3p-4p: STAR+RULGr
This semester, *ST@R will join the new reading group RULGr (Rutgers Understudied Languages Group), which is organized by Ryan Denzer-King. Thus, we are going to discuss syntax papers or dissertations on understudied languages, especially North American ones.  Since Seth Cable’s colloquium is on Friday, February 26, we’re going to dedicate this Friday (Feb 19) to his forthcoming LI paper: Against the Existence of Pied-Piping: Evidence from Tlingit. Tlingit is a language spoken in Southeast Alaska. Carlos Fasola will lead the discussion.
Type: Reading Group
Location: 18 Seminary Place, Room 108

Feb 25, 8pm: Pursuing a Career in Linguistics
“A few recent observations and recollections with Seth Cable”
Seth Cable B.A Rutgers College 2001; M.S. University of Amsterdam 2002; Ph.D M.I.T. 2007 will lead an informal chat about his own experiences in pursuing a career in linguistics. This chat will be aimed primarily at undergraduates who might have an interest in continuing their study of linguistics (or related disciplines), and would be interested in learning more about what this entails – at both a personal and professional level.
Location: Brower Commons, Room A

Feb 26, 3p: Colloquium: Seth Cable (UMass)
Intervention Effects, Superiority and Pied-Piping: Evidence from Tlingit (abstract)
Type: Colloquium
Location: 18 Seminary Place, Room 108

March 5, 3p: Colloquium: Jason Stanley (Rutgers Philosophy)
Title TBA
Type: Colloquium
Location: 18 Seminary Place, Room 108

March 26-27: RULing
Departmental student conference
Location: 18 Seminary Place, Room 108