Presentations by our linguists

The following presentations by our linguists have occurred recently, or will occur

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Denzer-King, Ryan.  Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA).  Reduplicated Animal Names in the Plateau Linguistic Area.  (Jan 10)

Shinohara, Kazuko and Shigeto Kawahara (2010) A cross-linguistic study of size-related sound symbolism. Berkeley Linguistic Society. (Feb 6-7)

Prince, Alan. OT without Ranking.  Talk at Harvard linguistics.

Schwarzschild, Roger. Count Nouns are “inherently singular”.  Invited colloquium talk, CUNY Linguistics Colloquium series.  (Feb 18).

Staroverov, Peter. Asymmetrical Feature-Prosody Interaction in Harmonic Serialism.  West Coast Conference in Formal Linguistics (WCCFL).  (Feb 19-21)

Koev, Todor. Definiteness as Agreement: Evidence from Bulgarian.  Poster presentation.  West Coast Conference in Formal Linguisics (WCCFL).  (Feb 19-21)

Dayal, Veneeta. “The Semantics-Syntax Interface” (invited talk), International Seminar on Language, Mathematics, Music and Society, Vidya Bhawan Society, Udaipur (India),
(26-28 February, 2010)

Mark Baker will be giving two lectures at a Bloc de Formation held in Leysin, Switzerland, sponsored by the University of Geneva on March 15-16.
Lecture One: Universals, Macroparameters, and Microparameters: Word order and agreement
Lecture Two: Crosslinguistic variation in agreement and case marking.

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Congratulations to the following Rutgers linguists for their recent acceptances for more (temporally) distal presentations:

Aaron Braver.  Incomplete Neutralization in American English Flapping: A Production Study.  Penn Linguistics Colloquium (March 19-21)

Mateus Barros and Luis Vicente.  Right Node Raising Requires Both Multidominance and Ellipsis.  Penn Linguistics Colloquium (March 19-21)

Teresa Torres Bustamante.  Symmetrical Objecthood in Panoan Languages.  Penn Linguistics Colloquium (March 19-21).

Věra Dvořák .  Inherent Case and locality requirement: Evidence from ditransitives and their nominalizations.  Penn Linguistics Colloquium (March 19-21).

Ryan Denzer-King.  “The Role of Animacy in Blackfoot Subobviative Marking”. Conference on Endangered Languages and Cultures of North America (April 9-11).

Sophia Kao (supervised by Shigeto Kawahara) [-zu], A Root-initial Accenting Suffix: A Wellformedness Judgement Study.  Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics 5 (May 7-9)

Aaron Braver.  Incomplete Neutralization in American English Flapping.  Poster Presentation.  Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon) 12.  (July 8-10)