Report from the LSA Annual Meeting

Map of Baltimore (1866)

Several of our linguists attended the annual Linguistic Society of America meeting this January in Baltimore, which included presentations by our very own Sarah Murray and Daniel Altshuler.  Ryan Denzer-King, who attended and also presented at the concurrent meeting of Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA), filed this report:

A highlight from the meeting was a symposium called “Medialingual: Representing Language in Film and Television”.  David Harrison from the film “The Linguists” was there, and talked about the making of the film and the response it has received.  Tamrika Khvtisiashvili (University of Utah) presented some claymation set to recordings of traditional Goshute Shoshone tales and Walt Wolfram (North Carolina State University) showed some clips from various videos he has made, mostly focusing on regional (especially Southern) dialects of American English.

I also enjoyed the workshop on “The Analysis of Morphological Phenomena in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas”.  Alana Johns (University of Toronto) discussed “Word-Internal Nominalization in Inuktitut”; Martina Wiltschko (UBC) discussed the syntax of feature composition, using data from Blackfoot and Halkomelem, and Seth Cable (who will be giving a colloquium talk at Rutgers this month) gave a presentation called “Syntactic Approaches to Na-Dene Morphology”, focusing on discontinuous morphemes in Tlingit; each presentation was followed by discussion by someone else in the same subfield.

Of course, our own Daniel Altshuler presented his work on “The Russian Imperfective as a Partitive Discourse Marker”, and Sarah Murray presented “Cheyenne Evidentials as Not-at-issue Assertion” as part of a symposium on projects from the Endangered Language Fund.