Presentations by our linguists

The following presentations by our linguists have occurred recently, or will occur shortly.

Roger Schwarzschild. Count Nouns are ‘Inherently Singular’.  Speaker Series,  Georgetown University Linguistics Department
(March 4th)

José Camacho. Obligatory-subjects in a null-subject language. LSRL 40, University of Washington, Seattle, (March 2010)

Mark Baker. Two lectures at a Bloc de Formation held in Leysin, Switzerland, sponsored by the University of Geneva.
Lecture One: Universals, Macroparameters, and Microparameters: Word order and agreement
Lecture Two: Crosslinguistic variation in agreement and case marking. (March 15-16)

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Aaron Braver.  Incomplete Neutralization in American English Flapping: A Production Study.  Penn Linguistics Colloquium (March 19-21)

Mateus Barros and Luis Vicente.  Right Node Raising Requires Both Multidominance and Ellipsis.  Penn Linguistics Colloquium (March 19-21)

Teresa Torres Bustamante.  Symmetrical Objecthood in Panoan Languages.  Penn Linguistics Colloquium (March 19-21).

Věra Dvořák .  Inherent Case and locality requirement: Evidence from ditransitives and their nominalizations.  Penn Linguistics Colloquium (March 19-21).

Congratulations to the following Rutgers linguists for their recent acceptances for more (temporally) distal presentations:

Will Bennett. Labial Palatalization in Zulu: Dissimilation Without the OCP.  18th Manchester Phonology Meeting (MFM) (May 20-22).

Aaron Braver. Is there incomplete neutralization in American English Flapping (poster).  18th Manchester Phonology Meeting (MFM) (May 20-22).