Rutgers at PLC 34

Four Rutgers linguists presented at this year’s Penn Linguistics Colloquium (PLC 34), hosted at the University of Pennsylvania: Matt Barros, Aaron Braver, Věra Dvořák, and Teresa Torres Bustamante (see this post for details).  Rutgers linguist Jimmy Bruno also attended the conference.

Even though it wasn’t a planned conference theme, the Saturday morning phonology session was dominated by talks about vowel harmony—three of the four talks were on the subject.  The later phonology session focused on more experimental themes, with talks ranging from Alan Yu (et al)’s Mediating Factors in Phonetic Imitation: Perceived Sexual Orientation to a talk on infant learning of unnatural sound classes.  Matt Barros reports especially enjoying Norvin Richards’ prosodic account of head movement.

As usual, the city of Philadelphia (and the PLC party on Saturday night) proved fun for all involved.