Presentations by our linguists

Recently-given talks:

Sarah Murray.  Cheyenne Evidentials and the Structure of Speech Acts.  Guest lecture at UMass, Amherst seminar “Inquisitive Semantics: Theoretical Foundations and Empirical Explorations”.  (March 22nd)

Liliana Sanchez.  Evidentiality and Tense/Aspect feature selection in Quechua-Spanish bilinguals.  Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages at the University of Washington, Seattle.  (March 26th)

Carlos Fasola.  The semantics of comparative correlatives in Chinese (poster).

An illuminated lectern. Flickr user joehardy.

Mid-Atlantic Colloquium of Studies in Meaning (MACSIM, April 10th).

Todor Koev.  Evidentiality as a link between speakers, times, and events (poster).  Mid-Atlantic Colloquium of Studies in Meaning (MACSIM, April 10th).

Veneeta Dayal.  “Linguistics as a Cognitive Science”, presented at the Jawaharlal Institute of Advanced Study, JNU, India.  (April 30th).

Upcoming and recently accepted talks:

Ken Safir. “Proxy readings: An African perspective”.  Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL), Toronto.  (May 7)

Mark Baker.  “On the Patterning of Cross-Linguistic Variation: its significance and illustrations from the theories of agreement and case”.  This will be the opening talk at the Mayfest conference at the University of Maryland, whose overall theme is the relationship of language typology, language acquisition, and language change.  (May 8).

Sophia Kao and Shigeto Kawahara. “[-zu], an initial accenting suffix in Japanese: Experimental studies”.  Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics (FAJL) 5.  (May 9).

Will Bennett. Labial Palatalization in Zulu: Dissimilation Without the OCP.  18th Manchester Phonology Meeting (MFM) (May 20-22).

Aaron Braver. Is there incomplete neutralization in American English Flapping (poster).  18th Manchester Phonology Meeting (MFM) (May 20-22).

Mark Baker.  “On the morphosyntactic distinctives of adjectives”.  Workshop on Adjectives and Relative Clauses, University of Venice.  (June 16-17).

Aaron Braver.  Incomplete Neutralization in American English Flapping.  Poster Presentation.  Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon) 12.  (July 8-10).