Rutgers Working Papers in Linguistics (RuWPL) Volume 3 Released

The third volume of Rutgers Working Papers in Linguistics (RuWPL, formerly known as RuLing Papers) appeared in July. The book presents the work of professors, graduate students, and visitors at the Rutgers Department of Linguistics. Cheers to the contributors and the editors!

The volume can be purchased here.

Rutgers Working Papers in Linguistics Vol 3
RuWPL Volume 3

Peter Staroverov
Daniel Altshuler
Aaron Braver
Carlos A. Fasola
Sarah Murray

Table of Contents:

1. An Exploration of Truncation in Italian
Pages 1-30
Birgit Alber

2. On Tense and Copular Verbs in Nonverbal Predications in Sakha
Pages 31-63
Mark C. Baker and Nadezhda Vinokurova

3. Sluicing and the Brazilian Portuguese Null Copula
Pages 64-91
Matthew Barros

4. Definite Inner Antecedents and Wh-Correlates in Sluices
Pages 92-114
Veneeta Dayal and Roger Schwarzschild

5. Voicing Assimilation in Czech
Pages 115-144
Vera Dvorak

6. Complex-Predicate-Forming Operators with Mixed Adicity-Change Effects: Kunu in Mapudungun
Pages 145-178
Carlos A. Fasola

7. Calculating Vocalic Similarity through Puns
Pages 179-198
Shigeto Kawahara and Kazuko Shinohara

8. Anaphora without Pronouns: Centering in Japanese
Pages 199-221
John G. Manna