Talks by our linguists

Recently-accepted and upcoming talks

Schwarzschild, Roger.  Invited speaker at the MIT Workshop on Comparatives. MIT, November 13-14.

Denzer-King, Ryan (With Miranda McCarvel). Morphological Composition of Blackfoot Personal Names. 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Name Society, Pittsburgh, PA, January 6-9.

Denzer-King, Ryan. The Role of Animacy in Blackfoot Subobviative Marking. 2011 Winter Meeting of the Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas, Pittsburgh, PA, January 6-9.

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Denzer-King, Ryan. Telicity in Navajo (poster).  9th High Desert Linguistics Society Conference, University of New Mexico, November 4-6.



Recently-given talks

Akers, Crystal.  Learning Multiple Hidden Structures. Northeast Computational Phonology Circle (NECPhon 4).  UMass-Amherst, October 9.

Kawahara, Shigeto. Modes of phonological judgment. Colloquium talk. University of Pennsylvania. October 14th, 2010.

Kawahara, Shigeto. Modes of phonological judgment. NYU Phonology/Phonetics Group talk, Oct 29th.


Older talks we’ve not mentioned yet

Denzer-King, Ryan. A Preliminary Look at Restricted Counting in Proto-Salish.  The Forty-fifth International Conference on Salish and Neighboring Languages, University of Oregon, June 25-27.

Denzer-King, Ryan (with James Crippen). Tlingit Loanword Adaptation. 2010 Athapaskan/Dene Languages Conference, University of Oregon, June 25-27.