Facts and Figures

(by flickr user iconolith)

WordPress, the blog service that SNARL runs on, computes a number of statistics about the newsletter.  Here are some facts and figures that WordPress has crunched about SNARL in the Fall 2010 Semester.

SNARL was viewed nearly 5,000 times last semester—that’s approximately twelve 747-400 passenger jets full of people.

The top referring domains (where people found a link for SNARL) last semester were ling.rutgers.edu, rci.rutgers.edu (which hosts most Rutgers linguists’ webmail!), and lucian.uchicago.edu (which hosts BLING—UChicago’s linguistics newsblog).

The top posts last semester were the February edition of Presentations by our Linguists, Undergrad News from Kawahara’s Phonetics Lab, and Rutgers Grads on the Move.