Talks By Our Linguists

A Labial(-dental), probably not from Coastal Tlingit (flickr user Δpple bed)

Denzer-King, Ryan.  Adaptation of Labials in Coastal Tlingit Loanwords. RUMMIT (the Rutgers/UMass/MIT phonetics/phonology meeting), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, December 4.

Déprez, Viviane, Krysten Syrett, and Shigeto Kawahara.  Licensing questions with intonation: The case of French wh-in situ.  Going Romance 2010, University of Leiden, December 9-11.

Denzer-King, Ryan (With Miranda McCarvel). Morphological Composition of Blackfoot Personal Names. 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Name Society, Pittsburgh, PA, January 6-9.

Denzer-King, Ryan.  The Role of Animacy in Blackfoot Subobviative Marking.  2011 Winter Meeting of the Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas, Pittsburgh, PA, January 6-9.

Denzer-King Ryan (With James Crippen).  Loanword Adaptation in Coastal Tlingit. CUNY Conference on the Phonology of Endangered Languages, City University of New York, January 12-14.

Connell, BruceAkinbiyi Akinlabi, and Will Bennett.   Variation in the Acoustic Structure of Defaka vowels.  CUNY Conference on the Phonology of Endangered Languages. January 12-14, 2011.