Grad students win support from Mellon

Andrew W. Mellon (public domain)

Several grad students in the department were informed this month that they won support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, in one of two awards supporting Graduate Study in the Humanities at Rutgers in Art History, Comparative Literature, English, History, Linguistics, and Philosophy.

Mellon Dissertation Fellowship winners:

Jimmy Bruno: Optimizing at the Interface: The Syntax and Prosody of Heavy NP Shift

Carlo Linares: The Dependency Axiom and the theory of movement

Mellon Summer Grant winners:

Aaron Braver: “Perception of /t/ and /d/ in American English Flapping”, which will help him make progress on his dissertation on the information flow between the phonetic and phonological modules.

Todor Koev: “Reference Time Progression in Appositive Relative Clauses” which will help him make progress on his dissertation on the semantics and pragmatics of appositive relative clauses.