Linguistic Laboratories

Recording booth
Recording booth in the Phonology and Field Research Laboratory

There are now two distinct laboratories within the linguistics department. One is the Phonetics Laboratory, which is directed by Shigeto Kawahara. The other is the Phonology and Field Research Laboratory, directed by Paul de Lacy.

These two labs used to be the “Phonetics and Field Research Laboratory”, co-directed by Paul de Lacy and Shigeto Kawahara. The old lab had become extremely popular, with over 7 faculty, many graduate students, and 40 undergraduate students from linguistics, Psychology, and CogSci using its equipment and resources for research. In fact, the lab grew too large to be effectively administered as one unit, so it has been split into two different labs.

Perception room in the Phonetics Laboratory
Both labs remain in their old location: in the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science (RUCCS) on Busch campus [map].

Paul de Lacy’s lab houses the sound-attenuated booth and fieldwork recording equipment. If you wish to use fieldwork equipment or the recording booth, please contact Paul.

Shigeto Kawahara’s lab houses equipment for perceptual and phonetic research. Please contact Shigeto for details.