Undergrad presents at two conferences

Kelly presents at PLC (photo courtesy of Shigeto Kawahara)

Undergraduate Kelly Garvey was accepted to two major linguistics conferences this year—a rare achievement.

Kelly  presented at the Penn Linguistics Colloquium (PLC 34) in March, and will present at WCCFL 29 in the coming month.

Both talks are based on a project with Shigeto Kawahara on nasal place assimilation and the perceptibility of place contrast.  According to Kelly, the project consists of “similarity judgment experiments and identification under noise tasks to test how perceptible nasal consonants [are] compared to oral consonants.  All four experiments supported the hypothesis that nasals were less perceptible [than oral consonants].”

Kelly says that she owes a lot to both the university and to members of the linguistics department:

Before coming to Rutgers, I understood that it was a university well-known for research. As a sophomore, I applied to the Aresty program [for undergraduate research]…  I was so happy to work at the Phonetics lab because I did not know linguistics could be so scientific and experimental. I have gained so much experience in experimental design, statistics, laboratory management and reading and writing research literature in the phonetics lab. I’m really thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Shigeto Kawahara and learn so much while at Rutgers as a Linguistics major in my classes as well as the lab.

Kelly plans to graduate this year, and hopes to continue working on phonetics and speech science research in the future.

Congratulations, Kelly, and good luck at WCCFL!