Linguists at the Aresty Research Symposium

Kristen Nisula and Georgia Simon
Kristen Nisula and Georgia Simon proudly present their poster

Roger Schwarzschild provides the following dispatch from the Aresty Research Symposium:

At the end of April, the Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates hosted an amazing symposium at the Livingston Student Center. Over 400 students from across the university gave panel and poster presentations. There was a smorgasbord of exciting projects on display. The posters alone were worth the trip over to Livingston. The symposium is an annual event which I strongly recommend attending in the future. In the space of an hour, you’ll get a snapshot of the range and depth of research going on at Rutgers. It is breathtaking.

Lara Martin and Audrey Krum, with their poster and Shigeto Kawahara

You can view a YouTube video of the event (watch for the names of two Rutgers Linguistics professors).

I am proud to report that linguistics was well represented in quality and in quantity.

Congratulations to the students who presented linguistics research:

Sabrina Angelini, Hannah Baker, Tan Chen, Peter Fabian, Kelly Garvey, Shirley Huang, Christina Hunt, Ariana Kalkstein, Stephen Klimashousky, Maxwell Kon, Sarah Korostoff, Audrey Krum, Michelle Marron, Lara Martin, Kirsten Nisula, Melanie Pangilinan, Jiang Shaoyu Qi Guo, Mihir Sarwade, Georgia Simon, Francesca Venezia and Jesse Zymet.

Francesca Venezia stands in front of her poster

Congratulations and thanks to their graduate student, postdoc and faculty advisors and co-researchers:

Asya Achimova, Akin Akinlabi, Mark Baker, José Camacho, Viviane Déprez, Shigeto Kawahara, Paul de Lacy, Julien Musolino, and Liliana Sanchez, Richard Simmons, Karin Stromswold, Kristen Syrett

Kristen Syrett, Julien Musolino, and Shigeto Kawahara
Ariana Kalkstein and Hannah Baker stand in front of their poster