Undergraduate Linguists Win Henry Rutgers Scholar Awards

Colonel Henry Rutgers (via Wikipedia, public domain)

Two of our undergraduate linguists have been given the prestigious Henry Rutgers Scholar award, which recognizes the most outstanding undergraduate research in the School of Arts and Sciences.

Peter Fabian received the award for his thesis on vowel alternations in Cuzco Quechua, which was written under the supervision of Akin Akinlabi and Liliana Sánchez. He presented his work at the Cornell Undergraduate Linguistics Conference, the Great Lakes Expo at Michigan State University, and at the Aresty undergraduate conference (where he gave two talks – one in Spanish and one in English). Peter will start his graduate work in linguistics at the University of California, Santa Cruz in the Fall.

Kelly Garvey received the award for her thesis on the relationship between the perceptibility of place contrasts and phonological asymmetries in place assimilation. She presented her work last year at the CUNY Psycholinguistics Supper, and this year at PLC and WCCFL—a very rare achievement as an undergraduate student. She has been working for the phonetics lab for the past two years, and has played a central role in the development of the lab. Kelly will soon start as a post-BA researcher at Moss Rehab Research Institute.

Congratulations to both Peter and Kelly!