Other Events

September 27, 1pm: RuCCS Colloquium talk: featuring Dr. Stanley Peters (Stanford University, Department of Linguistics)
Common Sense Entailment
Psychology Building 101

October 13, 12pm: “What Is CogSci?” talk: featuring Maite Ezcurdia (National Autonomous University of Mexico)
Semantic Complexity
Psychology Building 101

Do you speak Quechua? (flickr user geoced)
Do you speak Quechua? (flickr user geoced)

November 5: Workshop on Technological Approaches to Collaborative Research and Distance Learning in Quechua
Art History Hall, room 200 (Cook/Douglass campus)
RSVP before October 15 to quechua_workshop@yahoo.com
This workshop aims at connecting researchers working on linguistic, social and educational approaches to the study of the Quechua languages.