Rutgers Does NELS

A number of Rutgers students and faculty attended the 42nd Conference of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS42) at the University of Toronto, November 11–13.

Todor, Carlo, and Teresa going to NELS
Todor, Carlo, and Teresa going to NELS. Photo by Aaron Braver

Among those attending were Mark Baker, Aaron Braver, Teresa Torres Bustamante, Carlo Linares, Todor Koev, and Peter Staroverov. (See the previous edition of SNARL for the titles of their presentations).
The NELS organizers confirmed that Rutgers had the largest presence at the conference, aside from host school University of Toronto.
In addition to attending the conference, many members of the Rutgers contingent had a chance to explore downtown Toronto before catching flights back to New Brunswick, NJ.