Sikuku returns to Kenya

Dr. Sikuku
Dr. Sikuku

Dr. Justine Sikuku, the first Afranaph Project Postdoctoral Fellow, returned to Kenya on Thanksgiving Day after a four-month sojourn with us here at Rutgers University. Dr. Sikuku was here from August 2011 through November 2011 as the Afranaph Project Postdoctoral Associate for 2011.
Dr. Sikuku was invited to participate in our project because of an ongoing collaboration with the Afranaph Project and with Prof. Ken Safir, the principal investigator for Afranaph. Upon completing the Lubukusu Anaphora Sketch with Prof. Safir, Dr. Sikuku turned to several new areas of research, including new work with Prof. Safir and Prof. Mark Baker.
While at Rutgers, Dr. Sikuku met with various faculty, graduate students, and other visitors invited by Afranaph (Prof. Michael Marlo of the University of Missouri and Prof. Michael Diercks of Pomona College). He completed a draft of his own paper, ‘Comparing Reflexive and Object Marking in Lubukusu’, and collaborated with Profs. Baker and Safir to send six abstracts for talks to be given at three different conferences on five different topics: ‘Actual Clauses in Lubukusu’, ‘Complex Anaphora in Lubukusu: Evidence for Inside and Outside Voice’, ‘Subject Agreement and Antecedent Agreement in Lubukusu’, ‘Sources of Symmetry in Bantu Double Object Constructions’, ‘Categories of Clausal Constituents in Lubukusu’. Early drafts of most of the collaborative papers are underway, and in addition to these papers, Dr. Sikuku continued to collaborate with Prof. Diercks on yet another paper. He also assisted with the development of five sister projects to Afranaph as a native speaker consultant, and as an analyst for the questionnaires being developed by the sister projects. He is a collaborator on the design of two of the sister projects (with Profs. Diercks, Vicki Carstens (U. of Missouri), Juvenal Ndayiragije (U. of Toronto), Luis Lopez (University of Southern Illinois) and Loyiso Mletshe (University of the Western Cape). Thanks to his input, Afranaph expects to launch at least three of the sister projects within the next three weeks. Finally, Dr. Sikuku also took time to help one of our graduate students with the development of his dissertation research and one of our undergraduates with her senior thesis.
His impact here will be long remembered as he remains an active member of Afranaph and continues to collaborate on the wide variety of projects initiated during his sojourn. We thank his family for loaning him to us for this considerable stretch of time.