Other Events

January 31, 12pm: RuCCS colloquium featuring Michael Anderson (Franklin and Marshall College, Department of Psychology; Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Maryland, College Park)
Neural reuse in the functional organization of the brain
Psychology Building 101

February 13, 12pm: Perceptual Science talk featuring Chris Baker (MIT, Brain and Cognitive Sciences)
Bayesian social inference: Modeling human reasoning about beliefs, desires, goals, and social relations
Psychology Building 101

February 21, 12pm: RuCCS colloquium featuring Liqi Zhu (Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Psychology)
To give or not to give: The role of children’s theory of mind in playing economic games
Psychology Building 101

February 28, 12pm: RuCCS colloquium featuring John Mikhail (Georgetown University Law Center, Law and Philosophy)
Elements of moral cognition
Psychology Building 101