Rutgers Goes to MACSIM

A number of Rutgers graduate students, undergraduate students, and faculty attended the second Mid-Atlantic Colloquium of Studies in Meaning (MACSIM 2) at the University of Maryland, on February 18.

T. Koev presents at MACSIM. photo by Alexander Williams
T. Koev presents at MACSIM.
photo by Alexander Williams

Individual presentations included:
Roger Schwarzschild (invited speaker): A Neo Neo Neo Davidsonian Analysis of Nouns
Teresa Torres Bustamante (talk): Real Tense in Mirativity
Matthew Barros (poster): Harmonic Sluicing: Which Remnant/Correlate Pairs Work and Why
Mingming Liu (poster): Obligatory Object Drop as a Case of Covert Topic in Mandarin Chinese
Todor Koev, Nicholas Angelides and Maxwell Kramer (supervised by Kristen Syrett) (poster): An Experimental Investigation of the Semantic Contribution of Appositives
Beibei Xu (poster): Nandao Questions as a Special Kind of Rhetorical Question

Nicholas Angelides and Maxwell Kramer, who are both undergraduate research assistants in Kristen’s lab, were awarded research grants from the Aresty Research Center to attend and present at MACSIM.

After the workshop, attendees enjoyed a dinner party and lively karaoke at a local restaurant.