Phonetics Lab undergrads present work, receive award nomination

(L to R) Sarah Korostoff, Melanie Pangilinan, and Chris Kish present their poster at the Rutgers Aresty Symposium

Several undergraduate research assistants in the Rutgers Phonetics Lab, supervised by Shigeto Kawahara and with assistance from Aaron Braver, have presented their work at conferences around the US, in Canada, and here at Rutgers.

Chris Kish, Sarah Korostoff, and Melanie Pangilinan presented their poster “Sound Symbolism: Abrupt Amplitude Change within Male Names” at the Rutgers Aresty Symposium, which features work by undergraduates from around the University. Their poster received high marks from symposium judges, and was nominated for Poster of the Year in the Social Sciences.

Melanie Pangilinan presented “An Acoustic Comparison of Palatal Fricatives and Whistled Fricatives in Xitsonga” (co-authored with Seunghun Lee, San-im Lee, and Shigeto Kawahara) at ACAL 43 in New Orleans in March.

Melanie Pangilinan and Seunghun Lee at ACAL 43

Also in March, Sarah Korostoff presented “Abrupt Amplitude Changes in Male Names: An Example of Acoustic-Based Sound Symbolism Patterns” (co-authored with Chris Kish and Shigeto Kawahara) at McGill’s Canadian Conference for Linguistics Undergrads in Montreal.

Chris Kish presented “Obstruents and Masculinity: Shapes, Names and Physiology”, co-authored with fellow undergraduate assistants Sarah Korostoff and Melanie Pangilinan (supervised by Aaron Braver and Shigeto Kawahara), at the Cornell Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium in April.

Additionally, Sarah Korostoff has been selected to serve as a peer advisor for the Aresty program in the coming academic year.

Congratulations to these students on all of their hard work!