Akinlabi to head ALS3

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The Third African Linguistics School (ALS3) will be held this year at Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria from July 14 to July 27.  The school will bring high-quality training in theoretical linguistics to African graduate students from all over Africa. To ensure access to all students of merit, the two-week intensive sessions offered by the school are completely free to students selected from a large pool of applicants. The school was founded by Enoch Aboh, Akin Akinlabi, Chris Collins, and John Singler. The school is organized by Akin this year, who is also president of the World Congress of African Linguistics.

Prominent linguists from North America, Europe, and Africa have volunteered to teach at the school, including Rutgers linguists Akin Akinlabi, Veneeta Dayal, Ken Safir, and William Bennett (2012 PhD alumnus, now at Rhodes University, South Africa).

ALS3 is supported by Rutgers funds from the offices of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Richard Edwards; the Dean of SAS, Richard Falk; the Vice President of Research, Kenneth Breslauer; and the Vice President for International and Global Affairs, Joanna Regulska. In addition, the ALS also received support from GLOW, and from Lead City University.