Rutgers Linguists highlight recent conferences

Rutgers linguists are due to make a strong showing at upcoming conferences.  Liliana Sanchez will be delivering a keynote address at the Hispanic Linguistics Symposium 2013, titled “Modularity from the bilingual perspective: Crosslinguistic influence, feature reassembly and functional convergence.”  Julien Musolino will be also be giving an invited talk (title TBA) at the Workshop on the Acquisition of Quantification.

In addition, several other members of a collaborative research project between the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese will be presenting a talk and a poster at these venues, listed in the Talks section of this issue.  This project is currently funded by a Rutgers Research Council Grant to Kristen Syrett.

Also, in the summertime Akin Akinlabi gave a plenary address at the West African Languages Society’s 50th Anniversary, WALC2013, on 31st July, titled “Non-Compositional Tones in Eastern Ijoid Languages.”