Syrett and Safir to give invited talks

Kristen Syrett will deliver an invited talk for the CUNY Psycholinguistics Supper on March 11 titled “Prosodic cues to quantifier scope: Why it pays to listen carefully.”  Kristen will also be a speaker at the inaugural conference for the Centre for Cognition Research at the University of Reading.  The workshop is titled “Semantics and Science: What Can Experimental Work Tell Us about Meaning,” and will take place from March 21-22.

Ken Safir will deliver an invited talk at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London.  This talk will be based on his joint work with Mamadou Bassene, and will be titled, “Stem Structure in Eegimaa and potential implications for the analysis of Bantu agglutinative morphology.”

Well wishes to both Kristen and Ken!