Talks by Our Linguists

Upcoming Talks

Tomoe Arii, Kristen Syrett, and Takuya Goro. Setting the standard in the acquisition of Japanese and English comparatives. 50th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society: University of Chicago, April 10-12.

Mamadou Bassene and Ken Safir. Stem structure in Eegimaa. 45th Annual Conference on African Linguistics: University of Kansas, April 17.

Viviane Deprez. The complexity of definiteness in French based creoles. Workshop on Creole Complexity: University of Kentucky, March 8.

Siobhan McLaughlin, Shannon (Gravatt) LeMeune, and Kristen Syrett. Accessing Inverse Scope Interpretations of Embedded ACD Sentences. Great Lakes Expo for Experimental and Formal Undergraduate Linguistics (GLEEFUL): Michigan State University, April 12-13.

Georgia Simon and Kristen Syrett. Meaning what you say, or saying it the way you mean it: Suprasegmental cues to non-literal meaning. Poster. CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing: The Ohio State University, March 13-14.

Previous Talks

Veneeta Dayal and Rajesh Bhatt. Polar and polar alternative questions in Hindi-Urdu. Workshop on Non-Canonical Questions and Interface Issues: University of Konstanz, February 18.

Peter Staroverov. Consonant epenthesis is splitting. Old World Conference in Phonology: Leiden, January 25.