Talks by Our Linguists

Upcoming Talks

Veneeta Dayal. What Hindi Polar kyaa tells us about Speech Acts. University of California, San Diego, May 9.

Kristen Syrett. Challenges in the Interpretation of Quantities and Comparison in Language Acquisition. 
Invited talk, Mayfest Workshop: University of Maryland, May 2-3.

Bruce Tesar.  Phonological learning with output-driven maps.  8th North American Phonology Conference: Concordia University, Montreal, May 9.

Previous Talks

Akinbiyi Akinlabi. Defaka and Nkoroo: Moving from Tone to Accentual Systems. ACAL 45: University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, April 17-20.

Akinbiyi Akinlabi. High Vowel Alternations on Igbo (Olo Ezeagu) and Yoruba (Plenary Talk). 1st Linguistics and African Languages International Conference (LALIC): Kwara State University, Nigeria, March 21, 2014.

Mark Baker. Parameters of Structural Case Assignment. Harvard University, April 10.

Mark Baker. On Case and Agreement in Split Ergative Kurmanji (joint work with Ümit Atlamaz). MIT Ling Lunch Series: April 10.

Veneeta Dayal. What Hindi Polar kyaa tells us about Speech Acts.  UMass, April 25.

Viviane Déprez.  Quand personne ne dit rien peut-on tomber d’accord: An experimental exploration of French Negative Concord and Double Negation.  Center for Language Science and French and Francophone study department: Invited Colloquium Speaker, April 7.

Jane Grimshaw. Direct Quotes and Sentential Complementation. Workshop on Quotation: Department of Philosophy, NYU, April 18.

Haoze Li and Jess Law. Focus intervention effects and the quantificational domain of focus operators. GLOW37: Brussels, Belgium, April 2.

Ken Safir and Mamadou Bassene. Stem structure in Eegimaa: How compositional is agglutinative morphology?. ACAL 45: April 18.