Linguists at Aresty

The Linguistics department was very well-represented at the 10th Annual Aresty Undergraduate Research Symposium, held Friday, April 25.  Congratulations to all the participants!


DSC_6062Siobhan McLaughlin, Shannon LeMeune  (Kristen Syrett, advisor): Accessing the Inverse Scope Interpretation of ACD Embedded under Tense.







Anthony Arias-Amaya and Christina Germak standing with their poster at Aresty (Photo, courtesy of K. Syrett)

Anthony Arias-Amaya, Christina Germak (Kristen Syrett, advisor): Developing Knowledge of Adjectives as Property-denoting Words in Spanish-EnglishBilinguals.

Kaitty Reyes, Marlene Garzona (Liliana Sanchez, advisor): What is the Distribution of Lexical Insertions in Bilingual Children?

Brieanna Durso, Jenette McCourt (Viviane Déprez, advisor): Negative Concord: An Experimental Approach.

Mandy Wang, Kaitlyn Dunn, Alexandra Nyman  (Kristen Syrett, advisor): 
Syntactic and Semantic Support for Verb Learning.

Viviane Déprez with her students at Aresty (Photo, courtesy of K. Syrett)
Kristen Syrett with her students at Aresty (Photo, courtesy of K. Syrett)