Welcome Messages

Chair’s Message

mugshotAs the *new* chair of the Linguistics Department, I would like to welcome you to Rutgers University, and to the Linguistics Department! I hope that all of you are getting settled here in central New Jersey. If you have any questions or difficulties, please feel free to ask for assistance. For basic administrative matters, our dept. administrator, Danielle Berlingieri, is usually the best person to ask first. If you are a new faculty member, the next person to consult is the department chair (that would be me). If you are a new graduate student, the next person to consult is the graduate program director, Prof. Jane Grimshaw. If you are a visiting scholar, the next person to consult is probably your faculty sponsor. We are all looking forward to another productive and stimulating academic year.

Bruce Tesar


Graduate Program Director’s Message

jane grimshawOn behalf of the graduate faculty, I’m delighted to welcome everyone to another year jam-packed with classes, events, crises, programs, traffic jams, and celebrations. Five new students are joining us this fall. Alphabetically by first name they are: Augustina, Deepak, Livia, Morgan, and Nicholas. While struggling with this note I looked up synonyms for “welcome”. I found some verbs: greet, hail, appreciate, and some adjectives: desirable, promising, refreshing and, yes, accepted. All applicable to our incoming class!

This is going to be an exciting year. We have 25 students currently in the program. (We’ll be fine as long as you don’t all stand on the porch at the same time.) As a group you’ll be working on 6 dissertations and 10 qualifying papers. You will also be teaching approximately 450 undergraduates how to identify and represent linguistic structure. In your spare time you can … Never mind.