Linguists at Rutgers Day

DSC_7327Linguists made a big time appearance at Rutgers Day. This year, faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students kindled a new tradition by representing the department at Rutgers Day to outreach to the community at Rutgers and the neighborhood. They prepared a lot of fun activities about language which caught a lot of attention. This turned into a great opportunity to establish recognition in the community. Please join us in giving a shout out to the following students who helped make Linguistics at Rutgers Day a success today.

Deepak Alok
Ümit Atlamaz
Jess Law
Morgan Moyer
Augustina Owusu

Anna Goldin
Alex Nyman

Special thanks to Morgan Moyer and Professor Kristen Syrett for coming up with the idea and pushing it forward until realized; Professor Bruce Tesar for his help with the administrative issues; and the undergraduate students at Professor Syrett’s lab for preparing a lot of fun stuff.

Jess asking the hardest jeopardy questions.
Big smiles!


We’ve got the power!





Artists at work!