Linguists Celebrate Graduation of Senior Undergraduates

Photo: Courtesy of Kristen Syrett


On April 29, linguists at Rutgers convened to honor the research conducted by senior undergraduate students and celebrate their graduation. On this occasion, undergraduate students presented posters and received Academic Excellence Award and Jeffers Prize. A big Congratulations to our graduating students!

The event was a great contribution to the linguistic community at Rutgers. Thanks to the celebration event, faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students came together and creating a vibrant synergy. The linguistic community at Rutgers are thankful to the organizers of this wonderful event, namely Prof. Bruce Tesar, Prof. Veneeta Dayal, Danielle Berlingieri and Zenab Shah as well as all the other contributors.

Professor Dayal delivering her speech. (Photo: Courtesy of Kristen Syrett)
Professor Tesar delivering his speech. (Photo: Courtesy of Kristen Syrett)