Linguists shine at Aresty

April is the time for the Department of Linguistics to boast of cutting edge research presented by undergraduates at the annual Aresty Undergraduate Research Symposium. This year is no exception. The tradition lives on.

This year, the department was very well represented with four posters and a panel presentation. Congratulations to all the undergraduate students and their advisors for high quality research. Here are the details.

Panel Talk

Alexandra Nyman (Bruce Tesar, advisor): The Learnability of Insertion and Deletion.


Poster Presentations

Anthony and Anna presenting their poster. (Photo: Courtesy of Kristen Syrett)

1. Anna Goldin, Anthony Arias-Amaya (Kristen Syrett, advisor): How Bilingual and Monolingual Children Compute ‘Some’ Scalar Implicatures

2. Mandy Wang, Kaitlyn Dunn, Alexandra Nyman (Kristen Syrett, advisor): Children’s Interpretation of Comparatives.

3. Omar Ibrahim, Safa Kamal (Viviane Déprez, advisor): Negative Concord in English French and Haitian Creole.

4. Taralynn Dorsaint, Marla Durand (Viviane Déprez, advisor): Defining Definiteness: A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis of Haitian Creole La Determiners.

Alexandra and Mandy presenting their poster. (Photo: Courtesy of Kristen Syrett)
Safa and Omar presenting their poster. (Photo: Courtesy of Kristen Syrett)