Talks by Our Linguists

Upcoming Talks

Kristen Syrett. Distributivity and universal quantification in language acquisition. Invited talk at the Workshop on (Co-)Distributivity, Paris, France, February 11-12.

Akinbiyi Akinlabi. When a five way opposition does not represent a five tone language: the case of Dan. Invited plenary talk at the 47th Annual Conference on African Languages, UC Berkeley, March 23-26, 2015 (with Firmin AHOUA).


 Upcoming Poster Presentations

Diti Bhadra. The Bangla Nishchoi. Penn Linguistics Conference, March 18th – 20th.


Previous Talks

Diti Bhadra. Uttering Evidentials without Evidence. ConSOLE XXIV, University of York, January 6-8.


Previous Poster Presentations
Diti Bhadra. Future Tense and Epistemic Modals. UCL Graduate Conference in Linguistics, November 12-13.