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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, April 19, 1:00pm: RuCCS colloquium featuring Dr. Frank Veltman(University of Amsterdam, Institute for Logic, Language and Computation)
Hidden Expectations
Psychology Building, room 101


Previous Events

Tuesday, March 22, 1:00pm: RuCCS colloquium featuring Dr. Laurence R. Horn(Yale University, Department of Linguistics)
How to be orderly: “Natural order” and trivial pursuits
Psychology Building, room 101

Tuesday, March 8, 1:00pm: RuCCS colloquium featuring  Dr. David Beaver(University of Texas at Austin, Department of Philosophy)
Is that a fact? Experiments on projective meaning
Psychology Building, room 101

Tuesday, February 23, 1:00pm: RuCCS colloquium featuring  Dr. Casey Lew-Williams(Princeton University, Department of Psychology)
Statistical learning in natural language acquisition
Psychology Building, room 101