Linguists at Aresty

The 12th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium (Aresty) was held on April 29. This year, the department was very well represented with four posters and a panel presentation. Congratulations to all the undergraduate students and their advisors for high quality research. Here are the details.

Poster Presentations


Kimberly Boscodos, Melissa Stept, Tatiana Bereznikova. Kristen Syrett (advisor). Great Expectations: Developing Structural and Pragmatic Expectations about Events and Verbs.


Marla Durand, Spencer Krawiec, Anna Goldin, Kristen Syrett (advisor). What Shapes Can Tell Us About Linguistic Quantifiers.


Krysta Duquette, Mason Mckenzie, Viviane Déprez (advisor). An Exploration of the Syntax and Semantics of French Based Creole Plurality: Maximal and Non-Maximal.


Jeremy Yeaton, Viviane Déprez (advisor). How Context and Intonation Influence How People Interpret Negative Expressions in French.


Katharine Aveni, Paul de Lacy, Gwendolyn Rehrig, Karin Stromswold (advisor). Acoustic Cues to Syntactic Structure.


Kathalina Alonso, Ariel Basso, Lisbeth Pineda, Michelle Terlovsky, Liliana Sanchez (advisor). Cross Linguistic Influence on Prepositions from L1 Spanish to L2 English in Bilingual Children.


Wanda Quintanilla Durán, Liliana Sanchez (advisor). The Development of Heritage Spanish in Spanish-English Bilinguals Immersed in a High School Program.

Photo Credits: Kristen Syrett.