Ken Has Been Busy Recently

Ken Safir has been busy publishing papers, giving talks and bringing in more grants.


  • Ken Safir & Mammadou Bassene. (2016). Morphosyntax and movement: verb stems in Jóola Eegimaa. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. (Online)


  • Ken Safir. The Afranaph Project: Expanding a dyntamic specialized resource by offering a service. NIEUW: Novel Incentives and Engineering Unique Workflows, October 3-4, the University of Pennsylvania. (Hosted by the Linguistic Data Consortium)

Afranaph & NSF

  • Ken Safir, the PI of the NSF-supported Afranaph Project, has been extended by and additional year of support, adding $76,280 to the original three year award of $449,986 that would have expired in 2016. Naga Selvanathan has been hired as a part-time postoc on the project for fall, 2016, and Kunio Kinjoken.png is the Afranaph GA for 2016-2017.