Rutgers Linguists at ACAL 48

Linguists from Rutgers presented their work at the 48th Annual Conference on African Linguistics at the Indiana University, Bloomington.

Akin Akinlabi & Augustina Owusu. The Typology of NC Sequences in Central Tano. Talk

Ken Safir & Rose Letsholo. Complement Clause C-Agreement with Matrix Subject and Tense in Ikalanga. Talk.

Nick DanisA Phonetic Study of Yoruba Vowel Deletion: A Case of Incomplete Neutralization?. Poster.

Kunio KinjoAntiagreement in Berber and Theory of Agreement. Talk.

Hazel Mitchley. Raising to Object in Lubukusu. Talk.

Lydia Newkirk. Logophoric Reference in Ibibio. Talk.

Augustina Owusu. A Closer Look at bi : An Epistemic Indefinite Analysis. Talk.

Photo credits: Kunio Kinjo, Hazel Mitchley, Florian Lionnet (Princeton), and Nick Danis