Rutgers Linguists at CLS 53

Linguists from Rutgers presented their work at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society at the University of Chicago.

Nick Danis, Eileen Blum, Luca Iacoponi, Hazel Mitchley & Adam Jardine. A computational method for evaluating theories of phonological representation. Talk.

Shu-hao Shih. On the interaction between phrase-final lengthening and prosodic structure. Talk.

Matthew Barros (PhD 2014; now a post-doctoral researcher at Yale University) & Hadas Kotek. Ellipsis licensing in sluicing: A QuD account. Talk.

Xiao Li  (PhD 2009; now an assistant professor of Chinese at Queens College, CUNY) & Hongyong Liu. Subjectivity and Gradability: on the semantics of the possessive property concept construction in Mandarin Chinese. Talk.